MONSTROUS MEDIA  is a FROME MEDIA ARTS COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY project • CRN 08327923• MONSTROUS CREATURES copyright © Cornelius Clifford 2017 • Website and content copyright © Howard Vause 2017

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  • It’s fun! We believe that for many young learners our approach can be far more engaging than listening to a lecture or reading a textbook.

  • We believe that our short films really can change the world. That even small steps towards individuals widening their knowledge and perception of the world will always lead to positive change in their lives and the lives of those around them.

  • We aspire to create useful, valued and inspiring learning resources that make a significant difference to the growth and development of the young people who watch them.

  • Our goal is to make learning accessible, entertaining and above all, effective.

  • We want Monstrous Media productions to be so enjoyable to watch that our audience forget that they are learning at all!

  • We fundamentally believe that Education - knowledge, learning, life skills, information etc. - should be freely available to anybody who seeks it, without restriction. We aim to evolve Monstrous Media through an on-going series of outreach projects that enable children to create their own learning resources. This material would populate a comprehensive online learning library for teaching professionals and scholars alike; a place where knowledge and learning is freely available and accessible to all. We thereby hope to make a contribution towards the free and useful movement of information and knowledge between people and peoples.