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  • Produce short educational films and learning resources, often for a young audience. Our primary focus is material which illustrates elements of the UK National Curriculum (EY and KS1–3 esp. science, literacy and numeracy). However, we also produce promotional/information films for local business and community organisations.

  • Combine live-action puppetry with animation and lush post-production techniques to give our films an exciting, contemporary look and sound.

  • Employ a cast of “monstrous creature” puppets to communicate facts, knowledge and ideas through a mix of established pedagogy and innovative digital teaching strategies to make our films compelling and memorable.

  • Apply teaching strategies based on (nearly!) 20 years of first-hand classroom experience; observing how children learn and the needs of teachers. We use effective hooks such as rhythm, rhyme, music, association, mnemonics, humorous/irreverent narrative and lots and lots of surprises!

  • Test the effectiveness of our ideas by seeking feedback from children, teachers and other education professionals.

  • Seek commissions from broadcasters, digital TV channels and online learning resource providers, educational publishers, authorities, institutions and other learning resource providers.

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Are you a teaching professional in a primary school? Would you like us to help your pupils create their very own film featuring Monstrous Creatures?


Find out more here.