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The films we make for you will communicate LOTS of juicy information AND be super-memorable.


Luckily the Monstrous Creatures Talent Agency is bursting with unforgettable superstars who will stop at nothing to make their audience sit up and take notice! They're full of crafty memory tricks like rhymes, rhythms & raps, monstrous music and cunning mnemonics.


In fact each time we cast a new creature feature film we have over forty weird characters to choose from - with more arriving all the time! And each creature has their own quirks and special talents to help learners of all ages and abilities to soak up fresh facts, figures and ideas.


All in all, possibly more fun than reading a textbook.

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Using puppets to help people learn has a long history. From Ancient Greek and Chinese puppet shows to the Fantasmagoria of Victorian London right through to children's television shows such as 'Sesame Street.' We aim to build on this magnificent tradition - and bring it bang up to date for the digital age.

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